Last month NET 360 had the privilege of meeting Street Racket creator Marcel Straub in its birthplace, Switzerland, to see this fast-rising sport in action in schools and the community.

A relatively new sport, Street Racket is already played in over 80 countries and 2,400 schools. Its tagline: ’anyone – anywhere -anytime’ relates to its accessibility, versatility and low maintenance. There is no infrastructure needed and very little time is required to get going, you just chalk, paint or tape out your simple court and get playing! The equipment is affordable and easy to use and everyone can achieve.

There are hundreds of games and activities you can play and the rules are simple: no volley and no downplay. You can play in pairs or in groups at any age and any playing level.

NET 360 coach Emily James spent a morning watching the sport be delivered to primary school aged pupils at a school in Fehraltorf, about a half an hour’s train ride from Zurich. In the afternoon she was lucky enough to receive training from Marcel himself.

She said: “I was blown away by just how many different games and exercises you can play, there are literally hundreds. And as I watched, the school children were coming up with new variations themselves, which was so great to see. They were so engaged and enthusiastic about the sport.

“It’s so simple but this is what makes success so achievable. The fundamental skills it promotes are so essential and will help so much with other racket sports like tennis. Myself and the NET 360 team can’t wait to share this fantastic new sport across North Tyneside and beyond.”

Marcel and his team are passionate about social inclusion and fostering life skills.

Marcel said: ”Street Racket is the most versatile, fundamental motor skills programme that is closely linked to education. Anyone can engage with the concept and be successful, from kindergarten up to top athletes. It has its own rhythm, its own vibe, and that’s very empowering.”

Street Racket supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and collaborates with the International Committee of the Red Cross. There are projects taking place in Ethiopa, South Africa, Ghana, Thailand and Cambodia.

If you would like to find out more about Street Racket or would like us to come and deliver a free taster session, just email

In the meantime visit the Street Racket section of our website here.

Marcel from Street Racket putting NET 360 coach Emily through her paces during a training session.