Our Values


Our core values support the vision and shapes the culture of our organisation. They impact on the relationship we develop with our customers and partners.


Relaxation and laughter; because passion and enthusiasm come and easily when we are enjoying ourselves.

Our coaches are fun to be around and we promote fun activities.


Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect ourselves, and those who might be different to us in some way.
We welcome everyone. We treat you fairly.


The best way we can express this one is – taking care of you.
and what’s yours, as if you are a BFF (Best Friend Forever).


To excel at giving you experiences you recognise as valuable.
We deliver on our promises and provide excellent customer service.


For many – and that includes the NET 360 team – there are hopes, goals and ambitions only a commitment to regular effort will accomplish. We encourage you to fulfill your dreams.

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